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use of silvopasture
Made in the Shade: Research Focuses on Combining Forestry and Forage

Silvopasture – the practice of combining forestry with forage and livestock production – is rare in North America, but the practice could bring both economic and environmental benefits on marginal lands where traditional row cropping hasn’t worked.

Cattle Outlook: Cow Herd Expansion Continues

Cow herd expansion appears to be on the rise.

Cattle Outlook: Placements Up, Not as Much as Marketings

Feedlot marketings were up 16.6% in November, while placements rose 15%.

Cattle Outlook: Retail Prices Down from Last Year

Retail beef prices have come up in the past month, but they are down from last year.

Cattle Outlook: Slight Projection Changes from USDA

Only minor changes are projected by the latest WASDE report for beef production and cattle prices.

Cattle Outlook: Prices Continue to Rise

Cattle prices have climbed to their highest point since August.

Backgrounding Sowder Calves
Cattle Outlook: Beef Production Keeps Increasing

USDA has increased its forecast of U.S. beef production.