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Divestment plan leads to ownership changes for 11 feedlots
Peel: Update on Beef Export Markets

Beef exports have evolved significantly in a very dynamic environment of global politics and trade policies; direct and indirect impacts of animal disease outbreaks; and growing beef preferences and consumption.

Santa Gertrudis cattle eat at the Tungali feedlot in South Australia.
Peel: Rising Feed Prices Impact Cattle Markets

USDA-NASS released two reports last week that added more fuel to red-hot grain and oilseed markets.  The information about current and future corn markets has significant implications for cattle markets. 

Peel: Potential Drought Impacts on Cattle Markets

Drought conditions loom as the grazing season begins across the Central Plains. The latest Drought Monitor shows 43% of the U.S. is experiencing some degree of drought, compared with just 24% last year at this time.

Fed Cattle Market Struggles, But Optimism Lies Ahead

Fed cattle prices have not put together any sort of spring rally with cash markets trading in a narrow range for several weeks, but there is considerable optimism beginning in the second quarter of the year.

Peel: Cattle Markets Looking for Spring

Cattlemen experienced a wide variety of weather across the Central Plains and mountain states last week, bringing much-needed moisture along with some unwelcome cold temperatures.

Peel: Volatile Feeder Auction Volumes in Oklahoma

Feeder cattle markets have bounced back from the brutal February storm just in time for the termination of winter grazing of dual-purpose wheat.

Peel: U.S. Beef Exports Expected To Increase

U.S. beef exports are expected to increase modestly in 2021 to reach the second highest level behind the 2018 export record. A key to export growth includes continued growth in the China/Hong Kong market.

Peel: Cattle on Feed and Feeder Supplies

The feedlot situation in early 2021 is a carryover from the disruptions and unusual dynamics last year.  For the entire year in 2020, feedlot placements were down 4.0 percent.